Our Services


Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment

Assistance with Daily Life Tasks

Behaviour Support

Plan Management and Financial intermediary services

Support Coordination


Assistance to access the community

Assistance with transport and travel

Referrals to therapy services

Recruiting and providing the right staff and support for you..

 For the safety and well-being of our support staff, it is very important to us that both of us have a clear understanding of the tasks, activities and duties they are being asked to perform as a support worker.

Our employment contracts & job descriptions provide clear guidance, on how they should support you – the client. Performing duties outside the scope of 'support worker', puts the Provider as well as you at risk. It is therefore very important that you and your support worker understand the duty as it relates to the NDIS and participants, including the services that can & cannot be provided. You may contact NDIA directly on 1800 800110 if you are unsure.


Prices And Costing

 We operate within the NDIA Price Guide pricing arrangements and guidelines as in force from time to time. We are committed to:

· Declaring relevant prices to participants before delivering a service. 

· This includes declaring any notice periods or cancellation terms. 

· Participants are not obliged to engage our services after our prices have been declared. 


· We will, as a registered provider, make a payment request once support has been delivered or provided.

· Prices charged to participants will not exceed the price level prescribed for that support in the NDIS Pricing Guide. 

· No other charges will be added to the cost of the support, including credit card surcharges, or any additional fees including any ‘gap’ fees, late payment fees or cancellation fees. 

· A claim for payment will be submitted within a reasonable time (and no later than 60 days from the end of the Service Booking)

Why choose us?

 We invite you to contact us so we can:

· Talk to you about your goals

· Show you options in services and service providers

· Resolve any points of crisis you may experience

· Help you liaise with the NDIA or Local Area Coordinators

· Draw up service agreements

· Connect you to mainstream, informal or community supports

And let us work with you to build your capacity to coordinate your supports.