Client Rights

The Charter of Rights

CESS Disability Services is committed to the provision of services and programs that respect intrinsic human rights and are non-discriminatory, and recognises that respecting the rights of clients is paramount in supporting recovery and wellbeing. We will actively promote staff and consumer awareness of client rights and will support clients to exercise these rights. 

Our services and programs will be provided in a manner that: 

· respects the client’s right to individual human dignity and worth, at all ages and life stages 

· respects the client’s right to privacy as well access to personal records

· respects the client’s family life 

· respects the client’s sexual orientation, gender and gender identity  

· respects the client’s right to health, safety and well-being 

· respects the client’s right to equal opportunities to access and maintain health and mental health care; housing; education and training; work and employment; legal services; income maintenance; and insurance 

· respects the client’s social, economic, cultural background and family circumstances

· respects the client’s right to contribute to and participate in the development of social, health and mental health policy and services 

· respects the client’s right to decline support and clinical treatment unless contrary to law 

respects the client’s right to provide feedback on the service and/or support provided 

Our clients as partners

 ·  Clients may make suggestions which they consider would improve their service usage. This includes amendments to policies and/or procedures; 

· Clients may ask questions if they are unsure of what is happening, or if they would like more information about anything to do with CESS Disability service policy or activities; 

· Have a friend, member of their family and/or advocate to come to meetings with the Worker with them. Staff will be informed of such arrangements first; 

· Access all service policies. Our service is expected to review policies with clients as part of regular reviews; 

· Withdraw, preferably after discussion with staff members, from any part or all of their involvement with CESS Disability Services at any time; 

· If clients are not satisfied with the allocated Worker and wish to change they have the right to approach the Proprietor or Manager to discuss; 

· If clients are unhappy about any decision made by CESS Disability Services staff they have the right to discuss this with their allocated Worker or the Proprietor; 

· Clients have a further right to appeal to the Disability Services Commissioner through that regulated process.